Doctor Dung

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Why This Site?

Where to start…?!

Well, while I have a BSc(Hons) in biochemistry and microbiology, and a PhD in microbiology, I've never had a career in either of them! Rather, I ended up in IT of all things, where I discovered the wonderful world of web and print publishing — all self-taught for better or worse.

Many years later I find myself both wanting to rediscover my original scientific interests, but also to keep with the publishing and content-sharing which I absolutely love. Enter blogging!

My first blog is here: The Better Breeding Blog, a journey into the science and maths of animal breeding. At the time we had a popular herd management software behind us, and I began this blog partly out of self-interest, having never formally studied the subject, and partly to see if others were interested enough to support/fund the software we'd write to do all the hard maths for them. Sadly not the latter, and as other things took priority I shelved the project and moved on. (I allowed the original domain to lapse, and ported the whole site to this one for archival purposes. If anyone/group of anyones is seriously interested in reviving this project with funding for custom-built software by all means make contact!)

By this point my Jujube Tree Nursery business and associated blog was well underway, and continues to this day.

This site is somewhere between the first two in that it will cover as many topics as I have interests in and time to write about (too many!!), and will let it take me where it wants to go. If any section develops a keen readership then that is reward enough. And if any section develops in a commercial direction then that too will be a reward.